Summer might not technically be here for another month, but to most people the May 24 weekend is the official kickoff to summer.  Despite the terrible weather in Dorset on Saturday, the first long weekend of the summer is off to a great start.  If this is the first time you’ve been to Dorset this year you’re probably going to be pretty busy opening the cottage and getting it ready for family and friends this summer.  Cottage Life has a great Opening-weekend checklist for your cottage that’s pretty handy and can save you a lot of time.  Also remember to grab your new dump card [it’s lime green and came in your tax bill] so you can make your trip there quick and painless.  If you’ve lost it or didn’t receive one you can pick one up at the Township office in Dorset on Tuesdays and Thursdays [located next to the Rec Centre].

If you’re new to cottaging or have young children it’s a good idea to learn how to prevent bear encounters.  While they are beautiful creatures, they can be deadly.  There are options when it comes to dealing with nuisance bears but if you’re not sure, you can call the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry at 1-866-514-2327 and they can help you figure out what to do.  

If you have any questions regarding who you should call for help with opening your cottage, don’t ever hesitate to give us a call at 705-766-2182 and we can guide you in the right direction or give you the name of contractors we trust and use ourselves.  We’re open this long weekend and every long weekend this summer.

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